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In November 2017, Matt released "WOLF" - his 2nd Artist album and the first to be released in the future format for music: “Dolby Atmos” 3D sound (or 7.1.4 surround sound.)

 For more info on WOLF and 3D sound, please see  Dolby Atmos.


Matt Darey began producing electronic music in the mid 90’s. When BBC radio 1 made his debut track their 'essential new tune" 2 weeks in a row, Matt began to establish himself as a pioneer; first defining a new genre which -years later- came to be known as Trance.  Through the 90’s and into the 00’s he produced and remixed 18 top 40 chart hits - including Top 10’s and No 1’s like “Beautiful”, “9pm Till I come”, “Rise”, “Time is Now”, “Not Over Yet”, “Binary Finary”, “El Nino” and “Liberation”.  The music from Matt’s early career still resonates, with his live performances branded as  “Nostalgia” and “Retrospective” still filling up the big room venues.



In 2004, Matt broke new ground, again, when his weekly radio show, "Nocturnal," became one of the first internationally syndicated radio shows in the world. By 2007, Nocturnal was broadcast in over 150 cities worldwide. This included national coverage across America's and Canada's Saturday drive time spot on SiriusXM - as well as 30 cities in Russia (by way of its national dance format station “Radio Record”.)  Given the success of Nocturnal and his legacy of producing club anthems and top 40 chart hits, Matts career as an International touring DJ gained momentum and propelled him into the “DJ Mag top 100” for several years. Nocturnal continues to deliver it's weekly radio show, currently available on iTunes and FM syndication.


Matt’s music has inspired many artists who drive the EDM scene today. (Above and Beyond, Armin Van Buuren & Paul Oakenfold are just a few of the notable talents who cite Matt's innovative productions as a major influence on their careers.) His best selling Euphoria series sold over 3 million albums while, in later years, he launched the Nocturnal compilation series on Koch records USA.   Matt’s artist album “Blossom & Decay” (released with Armada) set a new precedent and crossed several genre boundaries with club anthems such as “See The Sun”.  At the same time, Matt produced the No 1 play listed “Beautiful Day” SiriusXM radio hit Across USA & Canada - showing he could deliver to the commercial arena whilst maintaining his credibility within the underground scene.   In 2016 Matt was back in the top 10 of the official UK club charts 3 times with No 1 club record “Keep Talking”,  “Something To Believe In” and his long time alias “Lost Tribe - Lubeno”.