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Music is the strongest form of magic. If Matt Darey's music has been the soundtrack to your life. Make your private party one to remember.


If you have a special celebration on the horizon, leave it to Matt to bring the positive vibes get the party started wherever you are in the world. This is what Matt loves most about music, it's the universal language that brings people together. You get to choose your own musical journey. The sounds of Nocturnal or a nostalgic trip further back in time into classics we all love. The choice is yours, leave the rest to MD.

Price is for Matt Dareys DJ fee only.  You will provide everything else:  Business class flights on an MD approved airline, 5 star hotel room for the duration, ground transportation,  the venue & audio equipment. We will liaise with you on the technical requirements.

Please enquire before purchase with details of your event from the contact page to get the green light.  Please include what the occasion will be (Birthday, Wedding, Turning 40 etc) proposed date, location, closest major airport, time & distance from airport to venue.  If you location is difficult to get to there may be an extra charge to be negotiated.

Private Party (Europe)

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