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For the first time complex electronic music has been mixed in Dolby Atmos. This 2nd Album from Matt Darey is the result of three years of work and research into producing music in three dimensions.  The follow up to his Wolf album, taking everything he had learnt  to incorporate up to 64 objects moving independently in 3D space with an incredible amount of detail added at the advanced Dolby studios in Soho London.   A Historic album in the evolution of sound. 


Matt Darey’s Retrospective artist album is a selection of his greatest club and radio hits which have been painstakingly recreated in Dolby Atmos.  A song based album featuring vocals from many up & coming artists and also from Matt himself.  


Listen to the music in stereo here: https://www.mattdarey.com/music


Note The Dolby Atmos version is a selection of 19 tracks unlike the 100+ track Stereo album.


TECHNICAL INFO:   The album is delivered as a zip file containing  19 separate mp4 files.   Please download the free Dolby Atmos track in mp4, m2ts & MKV formats to determine the format that will work with your home cinema system.  Please also read the pdf manual for guidance.


1. Matt Darey  - Rebirth (Original Mix)

2. Matt Darey – Wolf (Club Dub)

3. Matt Darey ft Kate Louise Smith – See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)

4. Matt Darey – One More Night In Stars (Energised Mix)

5. Matt Darey Ft Jonatan Backelie – Step Outside (Nu Trance Mix)

6. Matt Darey ft Kristy Thirsk – Black Flowers (Aeron Aether Remix)

7. Matt Darey – Quantum (Original Mix)

8. Matt Darey ft Ashley Tomberlin – Lost At Sea (Luiz B Remix)

9. Matt Darey & Stan Kolev ft Poli Hubavenska – Altitude (Album Remix)

10.Matt Darey Ft Cynthia Queenton – Dream Within A Dream (Original Mix)

11.Matt Darey pres Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Original 1995 Intro Mix)

12.Matt Darey pres Tekara ft Lucy Cotter – I Breathe In You (Aeron Aether Remix)

13.Matt Darey ft Leah – Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)

14.Matt Darey  - Hold On (Original Mix)

15.Matt Darey ft Marcella Woods – Beautiful (Original 1999 Mix)

16.Matt Darey ft Natalie Mc Cool – Tonight (Headbite Remix)

17.Matt Darey ft Leah – Hold Your Breath (Khomha Remix)

18.Matt Darey & Muse Artic – Reach For The Sun (Original Mix)

19.Matt Darey ft Kate Louise Smith – I Still Remember (Muse Artic Remix)

Retrospective (MP4 Dolby Atmos Album) by Matt Darey

  • The album comprises of 19 tracks in Dolby Atmos mp4 format.

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