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1999 was without doubt the peak moment within the golden age of Trance music.  Trance music sounded like nothing that came before, a fresh sound that exploded in Europe and then in North America, Australia and Canada.


Matt started making trance in 1993 with his first release Li Kwan  - Point Zero and as the genre grew became one of the most prolific producers and remixers in the Trance genre from 1997-1999 with 18 top 40 productions and remixes in that era.


The Euphoria compilation series was born out of the trance genre when creator Edward Short launched the album series with Telstar records. 


Matt Darey was an obvious candidate to mix one of the albums and his best friend Jamie White aka PF project mixed the first.   Matt wasn't yet a DJ, just a producer and remixer and quite happy to stay that way, prefering to spend his weekends on the dancefloor and not couped up in the DJ booth. 


Edward had to go to Matt's house amid the mayhem one of his notorious weekend long house  parties.  His mission, to persuade Matt to mix the 2nd Euphoria album as it was set to contain several of Matt's remixes and productions.  


After a few drinks Matt agreed to do the album but on the condition that he could use a new technique of in key mixing he was playing with in the studio.   The end result was a elegantly mixed album of many classic anthems and it soon became a best selling album in the UK and spilled over into Europe and the USA on export.  Matt then went onto make the first digitally mixed compilation album Pure Euphoria and again the album went into the top ten album charts above artists like Madonna and the likes.  The series certainly caused a stir in a year when trance crossed over into the mainstream and began to dominate the top 40 charts each week.


In recognition of the first months sales of these Trance compilation albums, Telstar records preseneted Matt with this unique presentation, the only one in existance.  


Price includes worldwide shipment.  Comes in presentation frame as shown along with a signed copy of the Euphoria Ibiza & Pure Euhporia albums with a personal message from Matt.  Use the contact page at after purchase to request your bespoke personal message .


Please allow approximately up to 21 working days for delivery though we will endevour to get this delivered within 7 days.   If you order more than one item, you will only be charged one shipping fee per order.  If you are passing through London, Matt will present this Trance artefact to you in person.


Trance Artefact - Euphoria Album award

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