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Before trance there was Li Kwan  - Point Zero!


Way back before the advent of Trance music as a genre Matt Darey was making his first peieces of music for the clubs soon after graduating in the UK.   A huge Vangellis fan and devoted electronic music lover growing up, all of those influences culminated in a demo that he called "Desire", later titles "Point Zero".  Matt sent the demo out to almost every U.K electronic music label in 1993 and non of them were interested as this new music didnt fit into any of the current categories of music.   Matt then diverted his attention to making a house track "I cant wait for your love" and that single got lots of attention from day time radio, in fact it went on to skim the UK's top 40 pop chart and "Desire" now named "Li Kwan - Point Zero" became the "B-side".  


Pete Tong of the BBC received a white label of both tracks and made them both his essential new tune of the week, two weeks in a row which was unprecidented.  Point Zero then proceeded to cause a stir in clubland with DJ's like Paul Oakenfold making this one of the key tracks in his legendary Goa mix.  


Matt then signed both tracks onto SEKA/BMG/Deconstruction.  BMG being one of the worlds major labels at the time and the tracks blew up in two seperate spheres of influence, the commercial and the underground.  "I Cant Wait for your Love"  was renamed "I Need a man" for marketing reasons and was a flash in the pan next to  "Li Kwan - Point Zero"  which grew orgnically over the years and became a legendary forerunner of the Trance genre inspiring the next generation of producers like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto,  Above and Beyond and many more artists to venture into trance music.


This was all before the digital recording age when music was still recorded on 16 track master tapes, just like they had for decades before.  Matt kept the tape in storage all these years, locked away in the vaults until now.  Being a minimalist by nature, Matt has never put this and other nostalgic items from his career on display in his studio and would rather that it was in the loving hands of someone who would appreciate it and of course keep it preserved in good conditions.  This is a truly unique and historic piece for any trance lover which is reflected in its price.  

Price includes worldwide shipment.  Comes in presentation box as shown along with signed 12" artwork print with a personal message from Matt Darey as proof of authenticity.  Please allow approximately up to 21 working days for delivery though we will endevour to get this delivered within 7 days.   If you order more than one item, you will only be charged one shipping fee per order.  If you are passing through London, Matt will present this Trance artefact to you in person.


Trance Artefact - Point Zero master tape

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