For the first time complex electronic music has been written & recorded in Dolby Atmos.  A three year project by Matt Darey which started in 2017.   This 2019 upgraded version of the album has evolved substantially to incorporate up to 64 objects moving independently in three dimensional space with an incredible amount of detail added at the advanced Dolby studios in Soho London.   A Historic album in the evolution of sound. The album can also be enjoyed on  5.1 surround sound systems.

Matt Darey's Wolf artist album ventures into deeper soundscapes making it perfect for home cinema listening.  A song based album featuring vocals from various artists and also from Matt himself.  Find out more about Matt Dareys 3 year journey producing the album Wolf in Dolby Atmos at

IMPORTANT INFO:   PLEASE TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.  Im offering one  Dolby Atmos track in mp4, m2ts & MKV formats to determine the format that will work with your home cinema  / surround sound system.  This download product on the shop is only mp4 due to file size restrictions on the shop (less than 1gb).   If you find that MKV or M2ts are the right formats for you then please go to  where I have uploaded these much bigger files.  


Please also read the pdf manual for guidance.  The TRY BEFORE YOU BUY track is only £5 and non refundable.

The album is delivered as 17 separate mp4 files which contain both Dolby Atmos & 5.1 Surround sound formats for home cinema.

By purchasing this album you are enabling Matt to persue further Dolby Atmos projects.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Please do not share files.


1. Matt Darey ft Patchy – Wolf (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
2. Matt Darey  ft Billie Fountain– Ashamed   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
3. Matt Darey ft Jonatan Backelie – Step Outside (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
4. Matt Darey, Alice Rose, Poli Hubavenska, Internal Deep – The Beast (Matt Darey mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
5. Matt Darey – One More Night In Stars  (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
6. Matt Darey ft Patchy  - Promises   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
7. Matt Darey ft Bobo – New Horizon   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
8. Matt Darey ft Billie Fountain – LFO (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
9. Matt Darey & Deepnite ft The Ridgewalkers –  Dream Of Me (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
10. Matt Darey ft Molly Bancroft – No Words   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
11. Matt Darey & Somn3um ft Molly Bancroft – Keep Talking  (Original mix) [Somnthing Records]
12. Matt Darey ft Jonatan Backelie – Step Outside (Part 2) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
13. Matt Darey – Light Of Day  (Stan Kolev & Mattan Caspi remix) [Somnthing Records]
14. Matt Darey ft Natalie Mc Cool  – Breathe In You  (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
15. Matt Darey ft Roberta Harrison – There Is A Place   (Argentinox remix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
16. Matt Darey ft Miriam Vaga – Should Have Known   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]
17. Matt Darey ft Cari Golden – Here We Are   (Original mix) [Nocturnal Nouveau]

Wolf (The Album) Dolby Atmos mp4

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