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The Importance of Thinking for Children

Children who are not very good at math are better at solving real-life problems

Therefore, it is often necessary to work not on hanging new tasks with an introductory text, but on the formation of life experience. For example, I suggest that both children and parents find an electric meter in the house, find out its tariff, take readings with their hands and write them down on paper. If everything worked out, then you need to calculate the readings and find a suitable field for entering data on the public services website. And it's not as easy a task as it seems. You can also work on written work. If children write written works, then they develop their thinking. If you use the essay editing service - Editius, you can even better develop your thinking. This will help not only to study well but also to solve various life problems.

After the children have done all this with their hands, they begin to perceive the process of paying for electricity in a different way. Of course, it does not become everyday for them, but new conditions of the task can be discussed with them: other tariffs, energy consumption of various devices. This is functional literacy in mathematics.”

Functional Literacy in Primary School

How to help children actively participate in what they are learning, help them feel their strengths and independently evaluate the results of work outside of standard algorithms? The ability to read quickly is one of the foundations of functional literacy. Children with poor reading technique cannot quickly read a task, rule or text and, accordingly, begin to lag behind in their studies.This is important to them because reading helps them think critically and will contribute to good writing. When using the paper editing service, it can help in writing and understanding the text. On the other hand, children often read quickly but do not understand a text, question, or instruction. As a teacher, it is important for me to see that, firstly, all students read the text in class or at home, and secondly, they understood its content.

If it's just a task for the exercise we read, I ask clarifying questions: "How did you guys understand what we should do now?" If I want to see the degree of understanding of the text, then I conduct surveys on the content of the reading. Children receive a list with questions and write answers in the same list. This will promote good thinking and quality writing. Using children will be able to learn how to write quality written work. In this way, children will develop thinking and this will contribute to good writing.

Therefore, it is important for children that they learn to think correctly from childhood itself. It is important for them to understand how this process occurs. Only when you can tell and help them do this can they be responsible for doing homework and writing papers.

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