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Moissanite is the most brilliant of all diamond simulants. It has the same chemical composition as a diamond but is colourless, transparent, and virtually flawless crystalline structure. Moissanite Diamond Jewelry colourless nature and high refractive index, much like that of a diamond, make it perfect for use in jewellery. By incorporating moissanite in a piece of jewellery, you can enjoy the beauty of a diamond look at a fraction of the price.

Moissanite is a very rare and beautiful diamond simulant. Moissanite has excellent brilliance, fire, and scintillation. For this reason, it is a favourite for jewellery designers who need fire and scintillation in their jewellery pieces. However, it is not very rare or expensive like the real diamonds used in Moissanite engagement rings.

The diamond simulants are made from carbon (C) and silicon (Si) mixtures. These ingredients are mixed so that the diamond simulants can imitate the appearance of diamonds. The stimulants like moissanite are always shaped like natural diamonds. Moissanites are available in different shapes like Round Moissanite (Round Brilliant), Princess Cut Moissanite, Radiant Cut Moissanite, Radiant Cut Colored Moissanite, Princess Cut Colored Moissanite and Heart-Shaped Moissanite.

moissanite wedding bands is a natural gemstone that is the only one known to be virtually colourless or without yellow. It has excellent temperature & pressure resistant properties, and tremendous durability. The diamond is the hardest known natural material when pure.

The clarity of Moissanite Diamond Jewelry is comparable to that of a diamond. However, it is considerably cheaper. The only important factor you should consider in buying moissanite diamond jewellery is not buying the fake one. Some of the important benefits of buying moissanite diamond jewellery are as follows:

1. The Moissanite does not require any care and maintenance, as it is quite durable and resistant to scratches.

2. It is a brilliant alternative for those who wear a signet ring or an engagement ring.

3. As compared to a diamond, it is not affected by extreme temperature conditions but can handle in water up to a certain extent.

4. It does not absorb oil, so you can use it to clean your hands with water and keep them dry without oiling them if you want to avoid oily skin.

5. It is regarded as a strong alternative for those who do not want to go through the pain and expense.

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