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The Retrospective Album is a collection of just some of Matt Darey’s entire life’s work! Ranging from the very start of his career in 1994, to the present day. Retrospective is not only a collection that includes all of Matt Darey’s classic original productions, chart hits & remixes, but also there is a unique twist to this album. Matt is a self confessed hoarder, so much of his music was never officially released! Dating from 1994 to 2019 there have been numerous tracks produced by Matt which were only available on white label and only distributed to a handful of the DJ elite and in time became some of the rarest and hardest to get records in his genre. Many of these exclusive and unreleased tracks were produced by Matt for his live international DJ sets and many have not been aired to this very day, many of which Matt deeply regrets never releasing. Given the gravity of a 25 year celebration, Matt decided to make everything he has created available for the first time. From the obvious hits like, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Liberation’ to the undiscovered gems such as the original mix of ‘Sum of All Fears’, ‘Deus Ex Machina’, ‘Rebirth’, ‘Sanctuary’, ‘Intoxicate’, ‘Heal’, ‘Ignite The Light’, ‘Floating’, ‘Prove Me Wrong’, ‘Storm in a Tea Cup’, ‘Your voice’, ‘Quantum’, ‘Sweetness of you’, ‘Back 2 The Future’ and many more. This life time collection also included never before available remixes of the classics which have been exclusive to Matt Darey DJ sets such as the timeless classic, ‘Lost Tribe’ Gamemaster (Classical intro mix) and ‘Urban Astronauts’ See The Sun (Set Opener Mix). Super fans of Matt Darey, trance enthusiasts, DJ’s and rare music collectors are in for a treat.

The Journey has been amazing taking me to every major city in the world and musically through many genres.

This last year Ive been spinning Retrospective shows and the response has been amazing!

I have made some of my early classics in Dolby Atmos like Gamemaster & Beautiful in 7.1.4 & 5.1.4 surround sound for home cinema systems.  Its MIND BLOWING!! Retrospective 2021 Dolby Atmos available soon. Subscribe on the Dolby Atmos page for updates.

Each year Matt Darey hosts a party on the river Thames in London.  Spinning both contemporary music and of course all the classics he has produced or remixed.  Enjoy the vibes VIP style or take the platinum experience in the DJ booth with Matt. 

Coming up next, RETROSPECTIVE REMIXED!  So good to see classics like Gamemaster getting a face lift for 2021.

RETROSPECTIVE DJ MIXES:  I recently did a DJ mix of classics that I love exclusively on my Vlog page.  Keep your eyes open for more coming soon.

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