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Nocturnal Island

Nocturnal Island is a once in a lifetime musical adventure on the Caribbean Island of Antigua. One for your bucket list. An intimate gathering of music lovers for one week of music events, dinner parties, exploring & chilling. There will be six events hosted by Matt Darey from July 22nd - 29th on the island of Antigua.   They include a beach party on our own little island, pool parties, dinner parties and a spectacular party boat cruise to a deserted beach destination you only could dream of.   Matt Darey will be providing the sound track with Dj sets delivering that quintessential Nocturnal vibe plus retrospective and producer sets with guest DJ's. 2023 tickets and rooms are now 50% sold.


Matt Darey - Retrospective (25 Years).jpg.jpg


In 2019 to celebrate Matt's 25 years of music history. A collection of Matt Darey productions from 1994 to 2019.  From the earliest releases in 1994 Li Kwan - Point Zero, thriugh the classics of trance Gamemaster, Beautiful, Liberation and seminal tracks from the albums Blossom & Decay and Wolf.  Also featuring all those singles released in between.  A selection of the key tracks are also available to be streamed in Dolby Atmos. like Beautiful and Gamemaster. Subscribe to the Dolby Atmos page to be first to know about future Atmos releases.


The WOLF Album

in 2017 Matt Darey released the first album to be written and produced in Dolby Atmos entitled WOLF.   Produced at Dolby Labs Soho London.  Step into the future of three dimensional sound.  Its impossible to understand what this means for the future of music until you hear it for yourself.  The sounds literally move around your head.  Music like you never heard it before.  Now six years on Apple music, Amazon music and others are now streaming music in Dolby Atmos and the future is bright for the next generation of music lovers who will experience this new dimension of sound.

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