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Nocturnal celebrates 14 years with a new concept.

This year 2019 Nocturnal celebrating its 14th year as an international Radio brand. It's conception in 2004 together with Ministry of Sound London was based on the idea of introducing up & coming trends in music. The cutting edge producers of tomorrow who didn't necessarily fit into any neat category or genre and were often ignored by other genre based shows. Nocturnal was born and due to its unique sound became the fastest growing syndicated electronic radio show from 2004 to 2007 reaching 30 countries on 150 FM stations worldwide. National across USA & Canada drive time every Saturday on Sirius XM, National across Russia on Radio Record, Norway, Sweeden, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries embraced the nocturnal sound.

700 reasons to party

Kicking off the celebrations in partnership with the luxury Mayfair based nightclub & restaurant Mahiki, Matt celebrated the 700th episode with a 5 hour live recording with nocturnal super fans flying in from all over the world to celebrate in style.

"The majority of my Nocturnal fans have been with me for over 10 years, they have very mature and developed taste in music. Nocturnal presents music for the electronic connoisseurs who have seen this genre evolve since the 80's. They want to party in style and travel from all over the world to my events. Its been many years since I visited the USA and I know nocturnal fans are crying out for me to do something special so together with event planners World Staged we have done just that.

The Experience

When I heard about the Space X launches on the horizon, it seem ed like a good time to come back to the states as its one of those historic moments you have to celebrate. I’ve been thinking for some time about creating an experience & journey with the music we all love as soundtrack. A journey where we not only get to party together, but also chill and hang out- something you never really get much opportunity to do when you're on tour. I love to travel in style and comfort so this whole experience will follow that theme throughout.  

The journey will start in Orlando where we will have a private dinner and Nocturnal event at the Kennedy Space Centre. ( Hotels will all be 4 star. We will also have an exclusive luxury yacht party in Miami and a series of private events mixed with public events back at our iconic hotels, along the way.  This will include luxury transport between Orlando and Miami. I want to keep it small and intimate,with everyone on the same level, experiencing every step of the way together.  Should you attend - you will be one of only 60 people experiencing this once in a lifetime event together with us all. 

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As a long-time fan, I’m thrilled to see Nocturnal celebrating its 14th year as an international radio brand. Its unique sound has always been a breath of fresh air, introducing me to the cutting-edge producers of tomorrow. It’s like having someone write my law essay UK style, but in the world of music - always on point, innovative, and ahead of the curve. Here’s to many more years of Nocturnal’s success!


As a long-time fan, I’m thrilled to see Nocturnal celebrating its 14th year as an international radio brand. Its unique sound has always been a source of inspiration for me, especially when I’m seeking cheap dissertation help online. The show’s commitment to showcasing cutting-edge producers and up-and-coming trends in music is truly commendable. Here’s to many more years of Nocturnal’s success!


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