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Nocturnal Island Antigua 2022

Welcome to Nocturnal Island. From the 6th to 13th August 2022 Matt Darey will be hosting a week of events in Antigua, providing that quintessential sound track to your vacation. There will be pool parties, dinner parties, beach parties and a catamaran cruise. You will also have time to explore the island for yourselves. We will be located at the historic boutique hotel, The Admirals Inn & Gunpowder suites in Nelsons Dockyard on the Island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Please note there are only 30 rooms in total available for this bespoke and Intimate gathering of music lovers.

During your week on the island you are invited to the following events hosted by Matt Darey & friends.

Nocturnal In Antigua

As the sun sets Nocturnal rises, join us for an epic Nocturnal party at the beach.

Nocturnal Sunshine

Enjoy a day at the beach to the relaxing sounds of Nocturnal Sunshine.

Pool Party at Booms

Afternoon into evening to the sounds of Nocturnal played by Matt in the backdrop of historic Nelsons Dockyard.

Hit the Waves

Spend the day exploring the coastline of the island aboard an exclusive Catamaran . Sno